Excellence in Online Journalism

Detailed Contents

Preface [ix]

Acknowledgments [xi]

Introduction [1]

Chapter 1: Excellence Online: A Work in Progress [5]
Excellence in Old and New Media [6]
Excellence Online: Four Developing Standards [7]
Speed and Accuracy With Depth in Breaking News: Chapter 3 [9]
Comprehensiveness in Content: Chapter 4 [9]
Open-endedness in Story Development: Chapter 5 [10]
Centrality of Conversation: Chapter 6 [11]

Chapter 2: An Ethical Lens for Looking at Excellence [13]
A Practice: The Social Context [15]
Telos: The Big-Picture Goal [16]
Internal Goods: Distinctive Achievements of the Practice [18]
Standards of Excellence: Setting the Bar for the Field [19]
Virtues: The Qualities of Good Character [21]
External Goods and Institutions: Danger Lurking [21]

Chapter 3: Speed and Accuracy With Depth in Breaking News [25]
The Battle to Be Fast and Right: An Old Challenge With New Pressures [26]
Insights From Online Journalists: Giving Voice to a Standard [31]
Breaking News Through an Ethical Lens [33]
Online Excellence in Development: The Hudson River Jet Landing [35]
Challenges to Maintaining and Enhancing Excellence [38]
Time Pressures and Competition [38]
Staffing Limitations and a “Fire Hose” of Content [45]
Overcoming the Challenges: Virtues in Action [48]
On-the-Job Profile: Mark Stevenson Facing the Daily Challenges [50]

Chapter 4: Comprehensiveness in Content [55]
Insights From Online Journalists: What Comprehensiveness Means [57]
Overarching Elements [58]
Strengths of Forms [64]
Comprehensiveness Through an Ethical Lens [76]
Challenges to Comprehensiveness [77]
Time and Staffing Pressures [78]
Nature of the Medium [79]
Overcoming the Challenges: Virtues in Action [80]
On-the-Job Profile: Jenni Pinkley Facing the Daily Challenges [82]

Chapter 5: Open-endedness in Story Development [89]
Excellence in Story Development Online [90]
Multiple Stages in Line With Life Span [91]
Public Contributions Are Integral [93]
Critical Eye, Respect for the Public [97]
The Dynamic of Excellence [104]
Challenges to Excellence in Story Development: External Goods Lurking [107]
Attitude Check: Virtues for 21st-Century Journalists [108]
On-the-Job Profile: Robert Quigley Facing the Daily Challenges [109]

Chapter 6: The Centrality of Conversation [117]
A Longtime Value Takes Center Stage [118]
Standards of Excellence in Online Conversation [121]
Blogs [122]
Discussion Forums [128]
Social Media [131]
The Dynamic of Excellence in Conversation [132]
Now for the Challenges: Stumbling Blocks in the “Conversational Commons” [134]
Virtue and Conversation [137]
On-the-Job Profile: Eric Zorn Facing the Daily Challenges [138]

Chapter 7: Beyond the Big Guys: Independent and Community Journalism Online [143]
Perspectives From Three Smaller Organizations [145]
Roanoke.com [145]
QuincyNews.org [149]
West Seattle Blog [152]
The Smaller Organizations in Perspective [159]
Citizen Journalism, Social Media, and Journalism as a Practice [160]
The Role of Professional Journalists Versus Citizens [160]
The Role of Cooperative Activity [162]
The Purpose of the Site [163]

Chapter 8: The Future of Excellence in Online Journalism: Living in the World of Both-And [167]
The World of Both-And [168]
A Critical Journalistic Eye and Respect for Citizen Contributions [169]
Complex and Simple Communication Forms on Big and Small Devices [170]
Big and Small Organizations as Places Where Excellent Work Develops [171]
For-Profit and Nonprofit Business Models [172]
What It Takes to Work in the World of Both-And [172]

Index [175]

About the Author [179]


Written by David Craig

August 30, 2010 at 5:51 pm

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