Excellence in Online Journalism

Brief Contents

Preface [ix]
Acknowledgments [xi]
Introduction [1]
Chapter 1: Excellence Online: A Work in Progress [5]
Chapter 2: An Ethical Lens for Looking at Excellence [13]
Chapter 3: Speed and Accuracy With Depth in Breaking News [25]
Chapter 4: Comprehensiveness in Content [55]
Chapter 5: Open-endedness in Story Development [89]
Chapter 6: The Centrality of Conversation [117]
Chapter 7: Beyond the Big Guys: Independent and Community Journalism Online [143]
Chapter 8: The Future of Excellence in Online Journalism: Living in the World of Both-And [167]
Index [175]
About the Author [179]


Written by David Craig

August 30, 2010 at 5:52 pm

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