Excellence in Online Journalism

Ch. 4: Comprehensiveness in Content

Unfiltered Information: Original / Source Documents and Data

Many 911 emergency call centers unable to identify cell callers’ locations [Times] – 59

“Scorecard” chart enables readers to compare corporate executives’ pay [Journal] – 59

Unfiltered Information: Another Example

ProPublica offers investigative tools for digging into public-interest data [ProPublica]

Enduring Background Information

“Topics” gathers reporting, different media, background on many subjects [Times] – 60

Site doesn’t draw heavy traffic or advertising, but Google has similar project [Times] – 60

“Living Stories” works with two major newspapers to enhance news content [Google] – 60

Drilling Down on One Aspect of the Story

Additional content “drills down” into story on Africa’s young people [Times] – 60

Multimedia project “drills down” into fatal collapse of I-35W bridge [StarTribune] – 61

Forms Appropriate to a Story and the Ways People Learn

Articles, audio, video, still image content combine to portray schools’ problems [Post] – 63

Interactive / Information Graphics

Timeline provides context for understanding unfolding economic crisis [MSNBC] – 65

“Politics Dashboard” unites maps and data on 2008 election campaign [MSNBC] – 65

Interactive online graphic explains how a sprinter set a world record [Times] – 66

Interactive Graphics: Another Example

“Before and After” feature starkly displays devastation from Japanese earthquake [Times]


Investigative text-only story lists aircraft-bird collisions after river landing [MSNBC] – 67

Story series uncovers rapid spread of resistant germ in Washington [Seattle Times] – 67

Investigative text-only story explains how bacteria spread [Seattle Times] – 67

Well-written captions provide explanation and background to crisis photos [Post] – 68


Photo gallery of still photography reveals breadth and depth of tragedy in Haiti [Post] – 69

Photos, video, audio, blogs, Tweets, text cover facility collapse [Morning News] – 70

Photos: Another Example

Still images from Japanese earthquake show aftermath in powerful way [Times]


Veteran’s own voice narrates slideshow of his nearly fatal experience [News-Express] – 70

Multiple formats help tell story of a Harlem storefront Pentecostal church [Times] – 71


Video shows vivid examples of leaping Asian silver carp in Missouri River [Journal] – 72

Longtime Elkhart resident history of his town and changes in industry [MSNBC] – 72

Yearlong project focused on impact of recession on town [MSNBC] – 72

Video enhances story series on popularity of women’s roller derby teams [MSNBC] – 73

Newspaper’s mini-documentary covers historic 2009 presidential inauguration [Post] – 73

Lengthy video accompanies series on radiation treatment dangers [Times] – 74

Mock game-show format enhanced newspaper’s coverage of tech issues [Times] – 75

Video: Another Example

Las Vegas Sun lets resident document his own gambling problem [Sun]

Nature of the Medium

Social networking drove online coverage of celebrity memorial service [MSNBC] – 80

On-The-Job Profile: Jenni Pinkley Facing the Daily Challenges

Newspaper writer created video story to accompany local series [StarTribune] – 83

Writer worked to get information for text story accompanying video [StarTribune] – 84

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Written by David Craig

August 30, 2010 at 6:10 pm

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