Excellence in Online Journalism

Ch. 7: Beyond the Big Guys: Independent and Community Journalism Online


Site earned awards for quality and for online coverage of breaking news [Roanoke] – 145

Site publishes special projects focused on topics via multimedia [Roanoke] – 146

Special project discussed the challenges of aging in the community [Roanoke] – 146

Editor sought stories related to responses to Virginia Tech shootings [Roanoke] – 147

Editor sought alternate responses to Virginia Tech shootings [Roanoke] – 147


Web-only outlet revealed criminal record of city’s tech director [Quincy News] – 150

Web-only outlet follows investigation of city’s tech director [Quincy News] – 150

Web-only outlet provides live blogs of government meetings [Quincy News] – 150

West Seattle Blog

Former broadcaster started online outlet including citizen reporting [West Seattle] – 153

Online outlet detailed waterproofing work required for reservoirs [West Seattle] – 155

Box: Naming (and Unnaming?) in Online Criminal Coverage

Editor considered ethics of reporting murder involving past abuse [West Seattle] – 157

Editor’s decisions reflect some values of the SPJ Code of Ethics (SPJ] – 158

The Role of Professional Journalists Versus Citizens

Database of 800 citizen media sites includes professionals and amateurs [Knight] – 161

Survey: 35 percent of bloggers had previous media experience [Technorati] – 161

Foundation funds a number of online community news startups [J-Lab] – 161

Directory of blogs reveals largest number deal with topics of “living” [Technorati] – 161

Foundation offers online learning modules and links to skills resources [Knight] – 162

Citizen site provides journalism history, training tips for its contributors [Rapidian] – 162

Other sources post materials on journalistic conventions and values [Hall] – 162

Organization provides six standards for ethical reporting for contributors [Rapidian] – 162

The Purpose of the Site

Neighborhood site earned citizen media award for investigative reporting [J-Lab] – 164

The Purpose of the Site: Another Example

Site covers every murder in D.C. using documents, social media, help from public [Homicide Watch]

I welcome your comments about the site and ways to improve it.

Please let me know if you have new examples of excellent work to suggest to add.


Written by David Craig

August 30, 2010 at 6:26 pm

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