Excellence in Online Journalism

Ch. 3: Speed and Accuracy with Depth in Breaking News

Now readers expect instant gratification [Porter] – 26

The Battle to be Fast and Right: An Old Challenge with New Pressures

“Dewey Defeats Truman” error is a perfect case study [Silverman] – 27

Initial reports on September 11 included erroneous speculation [Miller] – 27

Insights from Online Journalists: Giving Voice to a Standard

News organizations face great public skepticism about accuracy [Pew] – 31

Journalism industry did not initially shift focus to online media [Lasica] – 33

Online Excellence in Development: The Hudson River Jet Landing

A New York Times blog tracked the Hudson River plane landing [Belson] – 35

The New York Times posted photojournalists’ images of landing [Times] – 36

The New York Times also solicited and posted reader-submitted images [Times] – 36

Citizen’s iPhone photo posted via Twitter is very first image of landing [Twitter] – 37

Online Excellence in Development: Other Examples

BBC presents blog posts, tweets, e-mails, photos on Norway attacks in one stream [BBC]

Seattle Times uses social media to enhance coverage of killing of four police officers [Seattle]

Box: Reporting a Rumor: Buzz about a Deal for Twitter

A New York Times story questions accuracy of tech bloggers [Times] – 41

Blogger responds in defense of transparency and speed [TechCrunch] – 41

Blogger advises readers to take unconfirmed information with “grain of salt” [TechCrunch] – 41

Scholar sees clash between “product” and “process” journalism [Buzzmachine] – 42

The New York Times criticizes bloggers’ posting of Apple-Twitter rumors [Times] – 43

Gossip blog cites anonymous source reporting Apple-Twitter negotiations [Gawker] – 43

Tech blog TechCrunch reports similar news item a few hours later [TechCrunch] – 43

Tech blogger defends “process” journalism approach and transparency [TechCrunch] – 44

Code of Ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists cites four values [SPJ] – 44

Scholar defends blogger, citing values of humility and transparency [Buzzmachine] – 45

On-The-Job Profile: Mark Stevenson Facing the Daily Challenges

MSNBC reports initial fear that boy floated away in homemade  balloon [MSNBC] – 50

Later Associated Press story reveals parents concocted hoax for publicity [AP] – 51

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August 30, 2010 at 6:01 pm

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